Objectives: I am an experienced software engineer and have interest in both algorithms and performance. Mastering hardware architectures and OS internals, I am able to grasp software systems as whole and pay attention to performance of critical components. Currently I work for various scientific projects helping to improve performance.

Suren A. Chilingaryan, PhD
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E-mail: csa@suren.me
Jabber: csa@suren.me
Phone: +49 176 438-53094

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A. Engineering distributed data acquisition and control systems;
B. Designing software components and distributed software architectures;
C. System programming and development of PCIe drivers;
D. Performance analysis and software optimization techniques;
E. Parallel programming and parallel hardware architectures;
F. Low-latency communication in heterogeneous systems;
G. Cloud-based data management and visualization;
H. Automation of system management and administration;
I. Web technologies;
J. Technical writting.


Operating Systems: Linux, FreeBSD, Open Solaris, Windows family;
Orchestration: Ansible, OpenShift, Docker, LibVirt/KVM, Infiniband, GlusterFS;
Programming Languages: C/C++, Ruby, Perl, Python;
Parallel Programming: CUDA/OpenCL, SSE/AltiVec, OpenMP/NPTL, IPC;
Performance Analysis: gdb, perf/operf, nvvp/nvprof, vtune, valgrind, systap, tcpdump;
System Programming: POSIX/WINAPI, Linux Internals, PCI Drivers, DMA, GPUDirect/DirectGMA;
Scientific Computing: MATLAB, ROOT, BLAS/LAPACK;
Network Programming: TCP/IP, RDMA, MPI, Web Services, CORBA, OBEX, Apache Modules;
Web Technologies: PhP, XML (DOM, SAX, XSLT, XSD), HTML5, JavaScript;
Databases: MySQL, MSSQL, OpenLDAP, BerkeleyDB, SQL;
UI Development: GTK, QT, Curses, XForms, Internationalization.

Professional Experience:


Data Processing Expert at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

  • Engineering data acquisition and control systems for high-speed detectors and detector networks
    • Participated in a case-study aimed to evaluate possibility to use GPUs in L1 track trigger for the next upgrade of CMS experiment. A GPU-based trigger prototype were developed. It uses GPUDirect and DirectGMA technologies to distribute the track candidates from FPGA-based electronics to multiple GPUs which reconstruct tracks and signal FPGA if the track is accepted. The target latency of 6 us was achieved using the GPUDirect variant, but the data throughput was considered unacceptable for practical utilization. More Info
    • In 2011 - 2017 I was responsible for the software stack of UFO (Ultra fast X-ray computer tomography) project. We designed a new type of control system for synchrotron beamline which is aimed for high-speed 3D and time-resolved 4D imaging and enabling image-based feedback loops. I also designed a scalable architecture for UFO control system combining readout, computation, and storage nodes using Infiniband fabric. More Info
    • Designed a Linux kernel framework aimed to help hardware engineers with rapid prototyping of drivers for high bandwidth PCIe-based electronics. It provides flexible XML-based register model with scripting support, modular scatter-gather DMA engines, and low-latency RDMA communication with GPUs. Developed the Linux driver for in house built high performance camera with external PCI express interface (2MPix at 300 fps). Designed control applications for several high-speed cameras connected with PCIe and CameraLink interfaces.
    • Maintain parts of slow control system for KATRIN (KArlsruhe TRItium Neutrino) experiment. Developed the middleware to interconnect subsystems based on different control platforms using OPC DA interface and Web Services.

Used Technologies: C, POSIX, Linux Kernel Modules, DMA, GPUDirect/DirectGMA, Linux AIO, iSCSI/iSER, GlusterFS, Ruby/Python, LabVIEW, WinCC, OPC, Web Services

  • Performance analysis and optimization of data/image processing software
    • Made a comparative study of major parallel architectures using micro-benchmarking techniques. Based on the architecture analysis, developed 3 modifications of back-projection algorithm optimized for a range of NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel architectures. The implementations balance the load between Texture engine, Core units, and SFUs to also utilize multiple types of hardware resources in parallel.
    • Supervised development of algorithms and parallel software facilitating tracking of fluorescent nanoparticles in 3D and with subnanometer precision. Open Source
    • In collaboration with ESRF developed a CUDA version of PyHST, a software package for synchrotron tomography. Fast parallel implementations of FBP and DFI algorithms were developed. Open Source
    • Optimized and parallelized a Matlab implementation of Digital Image Correlation and Tracking algorithm used for strain measurements in material science. Open Source
    • Optimized MRSES (Multiple Random Searches with Early Stop), a feature selection algorithm, to run on the IBM CELL architecture. Open Source

Used Technologies: Algorithms, C/C++, Ruby, Python, Octave / Matlab, CUDA / OpenCL, SIMD (SSE / AltiVec), Linux Kernel Modules, DMA

  • Development of data management platforms
    • Developed a scalable platform to explore, manage, and visualize large archives of time series data. It includes a data abstraction layer to integrate data written in different formats, stored in a variety of database engines, and recorded with the varying sampling rates. RESTful API enables integration with the rest of the experiment instrumentation. The multi-level cache hierarchy enables interactive response also for very large archives. Depending on the expected data rates, the platform is either running on a standalone server or deployed in RedHat's OpenShift cloud platform. Open Source
    • Supervise development of web-based 3D visualization platform for data archives storing large tomographic volumes.
    • Working on slow control systems for the KATRIN (KAtrin TRItium Netrino) experiment, a coil test facility at TOSKA (Testfacility for Fusion Magnets), and a KIT-Cube project aimed to atmospheric studies.
    • Integrated NI LabVIEW based slow control subsystem with Siemens WinCC control system using OPC DA interface. Extended control system with a remote control capabilities based on Web Services.

Used Technologies: OpenShift, Ansible, GlusterFS, PhP, JavaScript, WebGL, MSSQL, MySQL, National Instruments LabVIEW, Siemens WinCC, ROOT


Software Engineer at Yerevan Physics Institute

  • Participated in the design of infrastructure of the DAQ system for ASEC (Aragats Space Environmental Center) and SEVAN (Space Environmental Viewing and Analysis Network) cosmic ray detector networks.
  • Develop a middleware and web frontend for the DAQ system at ASEC. The uniform access to the various electronics connected over USB, Serial and Ethernet interfaces is provided. Data acquisition is performed in automatic fashion in background. Electronics monitoring and control is feasible using web interface.
  • Develop the microcode for the microprocessors controlling operation of the detectors.

Used Technologies: C, Portable Programming, POSIX, WINAPI, Network programming, Process Synchronization, AJAX, XML technologies, Programming of Fujitsu MB9136x and Phillips LPC21xx (ARM7) microcontrollers.


Associate Researcher at Forschunszentrum Karlsruhe

  • Designed a set of extensions to the OPC XML-DA protocol facilitating it's usage in the high performance systems.
  • Implemented an abstraction library hiding details of operational system. On top of it implemented a multi-platform OPC XML-DA library and an experimental server.
  • Developed OPC XML-DA bindings for National Instruments LabVIEW.
  • Developed PHP OPC XML-DA client providing ability to represent control data by means of the standard web interface.

Used Technologies: C, Portable Programming, POSIX, WINAPI, Process Synchronization, CORBA, Apache module programming, Sockets, XML technologies, Web Services, NI LabVIEW, PHP.


Software Engineer at Yerevan Physics Institute

  • Developed a web interface for facilitating centralized management of the department servers and workstations. Interface allows managing users (personal information, permissions), computers (DNS, DHCP, remote booting) and employee assigned tasks.
  • Developed a web based X509 certificate authority management.
  • Developed a readout software for scientific equipment controlling cosmic ray detectors.

Used Technologies: C, Perl, PHP, LDAP, X509


Internship at Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe

  • Developed a Linux driver for the SAND PCI neuro-acceleration board.
  • Implemented a neural network learning framework on top of that driver.

Used Technologies: C/C++, Linux Driver Development, Neural Networks, GTK+


Maintained Free Projects

  • RusXMMS project is a library for automatic language/encoding detection and conversion. Patches for popular Linux music players, FTP clients and a few other applications are provided.
  • XML Benchmark is benchmarking suite for performance comparison of various C/C++/Java XML toolkits. It measures performance in multiple fields including DOM, SAX, and PULL, various manipulations with DOM trees, validation against XSD Schema, XSL Transformation, and XML Security.
  • PAM module for system authentication using Bluetooth enabled mobile phones over OBEX protocol.
  • Simple Flash Menu is a Macromedia Flash application aimed to generate complex hierarchical menus basing on the supported XML file.

Used Technologies: C/C++, Java, GTK, PAM, OpenOBEX, XML, BerkeleyDB, Internationalization, Macromedia Flash


July 2006:

PhD degree in Computer Science at Institute for Informatics and Automation Problems of National Academy of Science of the Republic of Armenia

Title: Universal Data Exchange Solution for Modern Distributed Data Acquisition Systems and Its Implementation for Cosmic Ray Monitor Networks.


PhD Studies in Computer Science at Institute for Data Processing and Electronics at Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe

Topic: Fast middleware solutions for heterogeneous distributed data acquisition systems.


M.Sc. in Mathematics at Moscow State University, Department of Mechanics and Mathematics, Chair: Mathematical Theory of Intelligent Systems

Diploma: Data processing using neural networks.


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Personal Data:

Date of Born: January 12, 1979
Spoken Languages: Russian, English, Armenian
Current Location: Karlsruhe, Germany